19 Ways to Help Your Featured Post Succeed

Congratulations! You've been featured on Palmetto State Weddings! 

We hope that you're as happy as we are that you're now a part of the PSW community. There's a lot of confetti and tulle here, but it's usually pretty fun. 

Most of our featured vendors are delighted to see themselves published (as they should be!), but there's often a sense of "Well, what do I do now?" after the initial excitement of seeing the live blog post. 

We've put together a list of easy ways you can help your featured post succeed and reach as wide of an audience as possible. After all, the more eyes that we can all get on your post, the more likely you'll see some fantastic results from it. You can rest assured that we're working hard behind the scenes to promote your post to our readers, too! 

  1. Share it on Facebook. Your business page is a top way to connect with your audience, so they'll definitely want to see your business in action. Make sure to tag us, so we can come over and comment on your business page as well. 
  2. Share it on Facebook (again). Chances are, your friends and family are cheering you on as you build your wedding business, and they'd like to share in your successes. Put your feature on your personal timeline so they can see your incredible talent!
  3. Share it on Instagram. This is a fabulous resource for wedding professionals since Instagram is all about pretty pictures, and weddings have gotten the pretty picture thing down cold. Tag us in the photo itself or mention us in the caption so we can comment, too. 
  4. Tag other vendors on both Facebook and Instagram as well. We do our best to get comprehensive lists of everyone involved in our vendor spotlights, styled shoots, and real weddings, but occasionally, things slip through the cracks. So, tag with abandon!
  5. Tag your bride and groom in the Facebook and Instagram comments. One of Facebook's strange restrictions means that our business page cannot tag the couples or models that we feature in our posts. We do email our featured couples and models, but we also like to share the social media love with them. We need your help in tagging them so they see their feature.
  6. Share it on Pinterest. We love Pinterest, so if you're not already on there, you need to make an account ASAP. It's fantastic for sharing your own posts and helping your brides and grooms get inspiration from your past events. We include a pin at the bottom of every one of our blog posts to make it easy to add to your business board.
  7. Repin onto relevant group boards. Immediately reach a new audience when you share to a group board. If you're not a part of a group board on Pinterest yet, let us know, and we can add you to our South Carolina Weddings group board!
  8. Add the pin to your Tailwind tribes. It's a free service from Tailwind, and a lovely (easy!) way to put more eyes on your content.
  9. Tweet it. Twitter's not the best for long term, reoccurring traffic, but it can be a great way to get to know other vendors in our area. 
  10. Include a link in your newsletter. You don't have to send a newsletter the same day as your feature goes live, but throw a link or mention into the next one you have scheduled, whenever that is. 
  11. Email your contributors. If you worked with a second shooter, a team of vendors, or you're a part of a multi-person small business, shoot a quick email to those who've helped and supported you. Even if you've already tagged them on Facebook or Instagram, a quick email can't hurt as well since those social media notifications easily can get lost in the shuffle.
  12. Add it to StumbleUpon. This is another favorite and super easy to use social media platform that gets overlooked. Simply create an account, add the StumbleUpon button to your browser, and hit the thumbs up. You can also share manually with their "add a page" feature. 
  13. Add our badge to your website. We love our PSW community, and we handpick each and every one of our contributors carefully. The PSW "Featured on" badge showcases that you're among the latest and greatest of the South Carolina wedding community. If we haven't emailed you the code to create your clickable badge, let us know!
  14. Comment on the FB and Instagram posts that your vendor team has shared. We often have posts with multiple contributors, and many of them are sharing the same content around the same time. Facebook and Instagram's algorithm loves when other people comment on posts, so your quick comment on another vendor's share of your featured post will only help you both. 
  15. Add the featured post to your Instagram story. This feature is the hot new thing in social media management; even though the concept has been around for a few years thanks to Snapchat, Instagram Stories have quickly eclipsed Snapchat in sheer numbers. Reach your audience in a completely new way and add a quick screenshot of your feature to your story!
  16. Let us know if something's gone wrong. We're pretty meticulous around here with the details, but occasionally, we'll tag the wrong vendor on Facebook or we'll have a glaring typo in the post's text. If you see something amiss, let us know. We want to make sure that your feature shines in the best possible light and acknowledges all of the right people!
  17. Sign up for our newsletter. We do a monthly round-up newsletter where we share our top 5 most read posts from the previous month. If you'd like to be kept updated on how your post has done and what's going on behind the scenes at PSW, we'd love to have you sign up here.
  18. Tell a friend. When we say that we're a part of a community, we mean it. And the best way to find more fantastic partners is via word of mouth. If you had a good experience with Palmetto State Weddings (and we hope you did!), share our contact information with someone else in the South Carolina wedding industry that you think would be a good fit. 
  19. Submit again! We've already had the opportunity to work with a few of our vendors more than once on styled shoots and real weddings, and it's a pleasure to be able to build that relationship. If you've submitted once and been accepted, the chances that you've got another fantastic event waiting in the wings is pretty high. We want to see it, so send it over via email or Two Bright Lights.