Spotlight On: Something Borrowed K & S

Spotlight On: Something Borrowed K & S | Palmetto State Weddings

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Krisdee Casey and Sarah Dunn are the creative entrepreneurs behind Something Borrowed K & S, a Charleston-based rental company. They specialize in unique, vintage pieces that set their events apart. Check out this gorgeous styled shoot they helped to create in the Mount Pleasant's Old Village. 

Says the duo of their upcoming one year anniversary this month, "We are planning to celebrate with cake and donuts." Sounds like a sweet way to ring in year 2 of gorgeous weddings and events to us! 

Read on to learn more about this dynamic team, their unintentional path to owning their own business, and the unusual thing you'll always find in their event bags. 

Spotlight On: Something Borrowed K & S | Palmetto State Weddings

Tell us a little bit about your path to success. Did you always want to be in the wedding industry?

It began with a friendship that blossomed into a mutual interest in party and event planning. We were approached by a friend to help her with her wedding, and then baby shower and things just seemed to pick up momentum from there.

We had never intended to get where we are, but fell in love with being a small part of someone’s big day.

Spotlight On: Something Borrowed K & S | Palmetto State Weddings
Spotlight On: Something Borrowed K & S | Palmetto State Weddings

If you had to share one piece of advice for someone who was just starting out in the SC wedding industry, what would it be?

No matter what the event is or what style you are doing, always try and incorporate something that is personal to the person and the event. Get to know your clients: their hobbies, their likes, their favorite things. Use those things to set their event apart from all others.

That and always always bring bug spray.

Spotlight On: Something Borrowed K & S | Palmetto State Weddings

What's one thing that you wish your clients knew before booking you?

We specialize in vintage and rustic decor. Most of our pieces are one of a kind and cannot be bought at a big box store. We may have twelve of something and other times we may only have one.

We are extremely attached to each and every piece we own and many times have spent days, weeks, and even months searching for specific treasures.

What's a surprising fact that most people don't know about you?

After every event, whether wedding, photoshoot, or bridal shower, we always go out for a celebratory margarita! After all the hard work, sweat (lots of sweat), and hours spent mulling over the details of each event, we like to treat ourselves.

We also like to take an after photo of ourselves in all our hot mess glory. These photos have never and will never be made public.

Spotlight On: Something Borrowed K & S | Palmetto State Weddings

What is the best part about working and living in South Carolina? 

The best part about working in South Carolina is the variety of amazing venues available. South Carolina is a beautiful state and there are endless options and opportunities to create the perfect ambiance. Particularly, Charleston is rich in history and historic chippy old buildings. Neither of us are native to South Carolina.

We are both transplants via either job opportunities or military obligations, but we are grateful these obligations forced us to cross paths.


What has been your best moment working in the SC wedding industry so far?

One of our favorite moments happened after spending all day styling a backyard wedding: the bride and her mother came out to see our work and both broke out into happy tears. Seeing that our pieces and hard work generated such a response meant the world to us both. We made her dream come to life and that is the best feeling.

The connections that we make with people are lasting. One of our favorite clients has hired us to do her wedding reception, baby shower, and (coming up in October) her baby's first birthday. We are forever grateful for this amazing opportunity we never knew we wanted!


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Spotlight On: Something Borrowed K & S | Palmetto State Weddings