Spotlight On: Mamasita's Margaritas

Spotlight On: Mamasita's Margaritas | Palmetto State Weddings

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A rescue donkey, a repurposed horse trailer, and some margaritas show up at a wedding...

It's not a joke: it's the answer to all of your wedding dreams! The three lovely ladies behind Mamasita's Margaritas saw a gaping hole in the wedding and event market here in South Carolina, and set out to fill it (with some frosty margaritas, of course!). 

Today, they serve up their signature drinks from the interior of Penny, a refurbished horse trailer; the trailer's bright teal and funky interior decorations perfectly match the sweet trio and the fun drinks they provide.

We're chatting with Elizabeth, Elise, and Liz about their quest to bring affordable, delicious drinks to weddings across the Palmetto State, and how their rescue donkey Wilbur led them to go into business in 2017.


Tell us a little bit about your path to success. Did you always want to be in the wedding industry?

We've attended lots of weddings & events between the 3 of us and there is almost NEVER a margarita available at the bar stations.

Well, being a lover of margaritas, happening to have an older horse trailer available for re-purposing, and adding in one cute rescue mini-donkey for inspiration, we were born!

Spotlight On: Mamasita's Margaritas | Palmetto State Weddings

Wilbur, the rescue donkey, and official mascot of Mamasita's Margaritas


If you had to share one piece of advice for someone who was just starting out in the SC wedding industry, what would it be?

Reach out to everyone you can think of! You never know who out there might be willing to help you.

Spotlight On: Mamasita's Margaritas | Palmetto State Weddings

What's one thing that you wish your clients knew before booking you?

We work out of a re-purposed horse trailer, so available space and location are of utmost importance.

What's a surprising fact that most people don't know about you?

If Wilbur, our wonder mini-donkey that we rescued, had not come into our lives when he did, Mamasita's might not even exist. He truly was our inspiration!! We strongly believe in helping all charities.

Spotlight On: Mamasita's Margaritas | Palmetto State Weddings

What is the best part about working and living in South Carolina? 

The South drinks 35% of the nation's margaritas so it doesn't get much better than that!! We love South Carolina, and our climate is always perfect for a delicious margarita!


What has been your best moment working in the SC wedding industry so far?

Being able to bring our delicious margaritas and the cute horse-box bar at an affordable price to brides. We love it when someone walks away drinking one of our specialties saying, "Wow, that's good!"


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Spotlight On: Mamasita's Margaritas | Palmetto State Weddings