Elizabeth + Joseph: Private Wedding in Lexington with Vintage Charm

Elizabeth + Joseph: Private Wedding in Lexington SC with Vintage Charm | Palmetto State Weddings

Elopements are on the rise--and it's easy to understand why. Instead of splashing out on food and drink for everyone (including your second cousin once removed), an elopement allows the couple to keep the focus on their lifelong commitment and the families that they are uniting. 

In December 2017, photographer Samantha Zoglio of Northern Red Photography had the opportunity to catch a memorable wedding: a tiny, creative, and beautifully imagined elopement at Lexington's Private Property restaurant. Her resulting photos showcase exactly how a bride and groom can create a stunning wedding no matter the size.

Destination Elopement at Home

When Elizabeth and Joseph first started to discuss the possibility of marriage, they dreamed of an elopement in Las Vegas. "We made a pact a few years ago to elope for New Years 2018 and get married in Vegas by Elvis," remembers bride Elizabeth. After all, it had everything they wanted: a quiet ceremony where they could put their vows at the forefront, a bit of quirkiness, and plenty of vintage charm to go along with it. 

But when they got engaged, they realized that a Las Vegas elopement would be too expensive for their ideal wedding budget and started to rework what they wanted for their special day. Ultimately, says Elizabeth, "We tried to create as much of destination elopement at home as possible. We wanted things small and intimate, only our mothers and son there as our witnesses."

Elizabeth + Joseph: Private Wedding in Lexington with Vintage Charm | Palmetto State Weddings

With some inventive touches, they managed to bring the glamour of Las Vegas to Lexington. As photographer Samantha remembers, "The two tied the knot in a gazebo on the property by none other than the King of Rock and Roll, followed by a beautiful first dance to Can’t Help Falling In Love sung by their Elvis officiant." With a vintage car waiting for them in the parking lot, an elegant bird cage veil perched on the bride's hair, and one shiny gold jacket on their Elvis impersonator, their wedding rivaled anything they might have gotten in Sin City. 

Elizabeth + Joseph: Private Wedding in Lexington with Vintage Charm | Palmetto State Weddings
The entire day was full of such emotion with significance throughout, from their wedding date to their Joker and Harley Quinn cake topper.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to capture such incredible moments between this couple and their family.
— Samantha Zoglio, Northern Red Photography
Elizabeth + Joseph: Private Wedding in Lexington with Vintage Charm | Palmetto State Weddings

Finding the Perfect Wedding Team 

As the couple began their search for a place to have a simple wedding, they couldn't find exactly what they wanted. After hearing of their venue woes, Elizabeth and Joseph's florists suggested Private Property because of its secluded garden and pretty gazebo. "When we went into the restaurant we were so pleasantly surprised and the hostess and owner were so friendly and helpful," remembers Elizabeth. "Not to mention the food is amazing so our post wedding lunch/reception was even better than I could have dreamed it would be!"

Elizabeth + Joseph: Private Wedding in Lexington with Vintage Charm | Palmetto State Weddings

Since Elizabeth and Joseph did much of the wedding planning and execution themselves, they really needed one other main vendor: a good photographer. Elizabeth says about Samantha, the owner and photographer behind Northern Red Photography, "she was phenomenal, super friendly made all of us very comfortable. My husband HATES pictures with a passion and she even had him relaxed and smiling along with me. I would recommend her to anyone, too!"

Family First

Even more important than the Las Vegas theming was the couple's commitment to involving their families whenever possible throughout the day.

Elizabeth and Joseph settled on December 30th, a date that had specific significance. "We decided on a quick engagement because my husband’s parents' wedding anniversary is the 30th of December. Getting married the same day was an honor and privilege, and we look forward to a lifetime of love as his parents did."

Elizabeth also made sure her son was an integral part of her new marriage. She asked him to walk her down the aisle since her dad had passed away a few years before the wedding. Plus, Elizabeth states, "I wanted [my son] to approve of whoever joined our family. Having him giving me away was symbolic of that. "

Her father was able to make it to the wedding in his own way: Elizabeth included his wedding ring on a ribbon that she then wrapped around her bouquet.

Joseph's father, who had also passed away prior to the marriage, was also in their hearts and thoughts that day. Their vintage getaway car wasn't just there for its gorgeous look; Joseph's dad's ashes are inlaid into the custom paint job, so he, too, was there for their union.

Elizabeth + Joseph: Private Wedding in Lexington with Vintage Charm | Palmetto State Weddings
My favorite part of my wedding day was that it was sweet and simple. There wasn’t anything flashy... well aside from Elvis’ shiny gold jacket! It was so stress free and I got to marry my best friend.
— Elizabeth, bride


Venue: Private Property, Lexington, South Carolina

Photographer: Northern Red Photography

Wedding dress: Amazon

Petticoat: Etsy

Alterations: Han's Alterations, Irmo, South Carolina

Groom's suit: his own

Wedding cake: Publix

Caterer: Private Property

Makeup: Mary Kay

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Elizabeth + Joseph: Private Wedding in Lexington with Vintage Charm | Palmetto State Weddings