Spotlight On: Avenue Twenty-One

Spotlight On: Avenue Twenty-One | Palmetto State Weddings
Spotlight On: Avenue Twenty-One | Palmetto State Weddings
Owner Tara Krach and just a few of the products her company offers

Owner Tara Krach and just a few of the products her company offers


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Moving to a new location is always a daunting task, but that process takes on a completely different level of stress when you're also moving a business!

Avenue Twenty-One owner Tara Krach has been serving up personalized cut-outs, custom gifts boxes and other fabulous wedding goodies for 8 years, but she only recently became a South Carolinian. 

After hearing the call of the coast, she and her husband packed up their lives in Ohio to create new memories in Charleston. Since she's arrived in the Holy City, she's been taking the wedding industry by storm, and her work has already showed up in several of our posts (most recently, this beautiful styled shoot in Ravenel). 

Here's a peek behind Charleston's newest vendor as this entrepreneur continues to beautify the wedding industry one event at a time.

Spotlight On: Avenue Twenty-One | Palmetto State Weddings

Tell us a little bit about your path to success. What led you to this profession? Did you always want to be in the wedding industry?

As long as I can remember I was a creative soul, but it wasn't until my wedding that I finally found my place in the creative industry! There is something so amazing about being a part of someone's big day - even if it's just a small part. 

I started my business in 2010 when I started selling some of the details I was making for my DIY wedding. I was just a clueless bride with a budget.

I ended up being able to quit my job and take my business full time a few months after our wedding. I've been hooked ever since!

Spotlight On: Avenue Twenty-One | Palmetto State Weddings

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the SC wedding industry?

Stay true to you, and your ideal bride will find you!

I've done it all - but a few years ago I stopped trying to put out there what I thought my brides wanted to see and started doing exactly what I loved.

You know what? I'm happier, my brides are happier, and our products are better than ever!

Spotlight On: Avenue Twenty-One | Palmetto State Weddings

What's one thing you wish all of your clients knew before walking into your store?

We are perfectionists and, unfortunately, that also means that our process takes time! We do our best to accommodate all time frames it can get a bit hectic sometimes.

Be sure to book your vendors as soon as possible - even the small detail ones - to ensure that they have plenty of time to dote on you and make your details just perfect for you!

What's one thing most people don't know about you?

I went to school to be a Forensic specialist so I double majored in Chemistry and Political Science with a minor in Psychology. So, yeah, I didn't really end up using that degree.

What is the best part about working/living in South Carolina? 

My husband and I visited Charleston and, as soon as got here, I knew instantly it was the place for me and for Avenue Twenty-One.

Anytime I need inspiration, I don't have to go far to find it!

What has been your best moment working in the SC wedding industry so far?

Working and meeting so many other talented vendors has by far been the highlight of being a part of the SC wedding industry! I've worked with vendors from all over, and nothing compares to how talented & service oriented SC vendors are!

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